An experienced professional service for physical data centre migrations

Data Centre Migrations

Let us take the stress out of migrating your servers, system and network equipment. We audit, de-rack and install infrastructure at your target site.

Physical Migrations

We have a team of professionals who can take the heavy work out of moving physical systems between server rooms and data centres. This can be for 1 system or a 100 systems. We can work on long term projects with you to manage physical migrations in and out of normal business hours to align with your migration strategy.

  • Fully insured physical migration services.
  • Pre-audit to migration to determine requirements and setup.
  • Full de-rack on migration day.
  • Same-day installation at target datacentre.
  • We can pre-cable the target data centre or follow your pacthing schedule at the time of installation.
  • Team of professionals who understand infrastructure.
  • We can re-ip remote systems such as DRAC and ILO’s as part of the operation. Making it easy for you to get systems back online.

Additional Migration services

We can go beyond the physical migration element and assist with the migration planning and strategy. We have performed many data centre migrations and have the expertise and knowledge to help you determine a suitable migration pattern, understand your applications, service architecture and to plan and execute your migration.

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