We can put you in touch with a specialist for almost every IT position you can think of.

Elastic Workforce

Need a contractor for the project that is on the horizon? Perhaps even for backfill. It can be hard to find a good contractor for hire with the right skillset. We can take all the work out of hiring a contractor we can make sure you get the right contractor to match the job.

Our elastic team can work onsite or can be fully remote. We ensure each of our contractors has at least three references which are all fully verified. We understand before you hire a contractor its important that your contractor is one who that can be trusted.

We can put you in touch with a specialist for almost every IT position.

  • Cloud Engineers
  • Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Architects
  • Server, Storage, or Network engineers
  • Service Desk Operatives
  • The list goes on

If you need temporary resource (to cover maternity/paternity, for example), we can provide it.

We are not an IT recruiter, but we are very well connected, so you don’t need to worry about the hassle of dealing with recruiters. Nor do you have to worry about the HR department.
Why should you need to worry about a resource that is only going to be with you for a short time? Bring someone in for the project that requires that extra resource then downsize once a project is complete.

Contractors for hire does not have to be complicated, we’ll handle all the contracts and insurances etc. You just pay us, your service provider, an agreed fee. (And our margins will always remain marginal!)

Why you should choose to come to us for a contractor

When hiring a general contractor in IT or a specialist field the process is often a lengthy one from reaching out to an agency who need to place adverts even for a general contractor. We have those contractors on hand and can speed up your contractor recruitment process.

If there is any issue with a contractor we supply such as sickness and they are unable to complete actions we will get a replacement into your origination. Our aim is to offer you access to an elastic workforce who are flexible and dependable for all your IT and general contractors needs.

We keep your project running leaving you to concentrate on your business rather than the contractor.

Can you speak with the contractor’s before you hire them?

Yes, we want to make sure from a personality perspective that the contractor will fit well in with your company and how you would want them to work day to day. The best way to achieve this is via an introductory call or video with our professional contractor, discuss the project and what your expectation will be.

We understand that an IT or general contractor performs at their best for businesses when they are happy. It’s important to us that both parties are happy. You will have a chance to provide feedback regarding the contract during regular catch-ups and make sure everything is as you expected.

Will the contractor be local to your business?

While we will try and select a person who is a local contact to your business, in many cases this is not required if the work can be completed remotely. Many of our contractors are willing to travel should the need arise for example visit to a data centre for implementation. Maybe to start the job which requires some physical networking, as an example on the site where the physical equipment is situated for instance.

Why hiring a contractor is a good idea

General contractors often can get a bad name our vetting ensures you will only be engaged with trusted professionals. Don’t be put off hiring a contactor if you have had a bad experience in the past. It’s the reason we are here, we ensure you’re supplied with a contractor who knows how to do a job.

When you ask for project resource with your set requirements, you’ll only hear from us when we have what you need. We only supply a contractor who can do the work required to a high standard in the proficiency you require.

What happens if the contractor isn’t meeting your requirements

If a resource we supply is not living up to your expectations we will feedback to the resource, if the issue cannot be remediated then we will of course replace the resource.

What will the payment schedule be?

To get further information about payment schedule, insurance coverage requirements and how much the cost will be please get in contact.

How to hire a contractor for a project

In this first instance please either call or contact us via our contact page. We will then arrange a time to discuss what you might require and to see if we can support your project and provide a project resource.

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