M18 solutions are a managed service provider (MSP) for on-premise, cloud and hybrid systems, applications and services.

Managed Service Provider

We have professional experience from architecture, design, implementation to support to provide the perfect partnership as your managed service provider.

Your online presence

  • Email accounts
  • Websites
  • Domain names

Your Productivity

  • Laptops/Tablet provisioning and management
  • Office 365
  • Other software sourcing


  • Microsoft Teams
  • OneDrive

Your Infrastructure

  • Authentication and Access management.
  • Data management and security
  • Continuity and Recovery
  • Monitoring and availability
  • Azure cloud or On-Premise support

What is a managed service provider in IT?

A managed service provider (MSP) will support your IT services on-premise or in the cloud. This can be all your IT services to specific application and services. A managed service provider (MSP) such as ourselves can tailor a service specifically for your business. The managed services can cover everything from the datacentre to an application.

When we provide managed services to a business we build a strong relationship and form a partnership with a clear understanding of your business, your requirements and your goals. Trust is important with any managed services we provide, we will always be open, transparent and honest with you.

Why you need a managed service provider

A managed service provider (MSP) such as ourselves can become your technology partner. You can concentrate on running your business we will provide your IT arm for your organisation. You can retain as much control over your IT operations as you want, it’s flexible.

Managed service providers help organisations who would rather focus on their business and perhaps software development rather than if servers need hardware replacement or additional resources to a pool in the cloud.

Software developers can still deploy what they need to do their job but they do not need to worry about the nuts and bolts underneath.

We also spend a lot of time understanding all the different regulations from legal to security perspective to ensure your organisation is operating correctly within regulations and not at risk of a security breach. Protecting data has never been more important, not only are their financial implications should servers be breached and data leaked often the negative publicity outweighs that financial impact.

A lot of these elements can be quite taxing for an organisation, even simply keeping software up to date. Managed service providers fill this gap.

What is the difference between managed services and outsourcing?

With outsourcing, you replace your whole IT team including management. A managed service provider will only pick up the elements you need help with, this can be anything from security, network or all your servers.

With the growing cost and complexity of running an organisation keeping your IT operation running efficiently can become a challenge. Many organisation retain a team who can continue to add services and systems which are then deployed on infrastructure or cloud which is support by your managed service provider.

Why choose M18 Solutions to be your MSP?

We have experience working with clients on-premise and in the cloud and everything in-between. We have experts in fields from network to security, you can partner with M18 Solutions as your MSP and gain a partner who wants you to exceed.

While we can manage your services we also provide expert advice on how we can make your IT operation run more efficiently and provide assessment for services and applications for cloud readiness.

We are interested in forming long-lasting partnerships where we can make a difference.

With the ever growing demand for faster migrations through relocation, mergers and acquisitions we can give your migration the head start it needs through our experienced professional services.

Can you change, add or amend your managed services?

Yes, we can amend, change or add to your managed services. Often existing managed services will have a fixed-term contract for a set of systems and services. This contract is to protect both you and us. Both parties are committed to the managed service partnership.

During any contract we can look at how we can adapt our managed services to support any changes you may have as a business. We are flexible and understand businesses go through changes, some expected and some unexpected. The earlier you can involve us in those changes, the better help we can help you through any business transformation.

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Get in contact and we discuss your challenges and how best as MSP’s we can improve your operation and form a partnership.

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