Professional Data Centre audits which provide you with the data you need

Data Centre Auditing

Keeping track of systems and services is not always easy during the day to day operations. We can bridge the gap to give you a full picture of your server room or data centre.

Our data centre auditing

  • We can audit all your existing infrastructure from cabinets, servers and networks.
  • We can capture device to network to patching to ensure you have detailed data to understand your network infrastructure.
  • We can work from existing data or start from scratch.
  • Our auditors are professionals who understand a broad range of infrastructure.
  • We will provide a detailed report with recommendations for improvements from resilience to power load.
  • The same expert service is provided for small server rooms to entire data centres.

Data Centre Migrations

  • Our audits are an excellent enabler for migrations giving you a clear picture of what you need to migrate.
  • Our data ensure you know the capacity, power and network requirements to enable migration.
  • Auditing is a time-consuming task that can often involve internal teams becoming bogged down. Our team have the experience to fast forward this process and bring consistency to your audit and data.

Acquisitions and mergers

  • Our accurate data ensures you understand your acquisition from the start.
  • We can audit your acquisitions to get you up to speed fast.
  • Bolt on services to enable physical migrations from our teams to centralise organsiations infrastructure.

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